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Hereโ€™s another clip of โ€œBeautiful Timesโ€ featuring Lindsey Stirling.

This beast of a tune hits your ears in full on Tuesday!

Artist’s Block

A strange new world is born on a flimsy foundation of daydreams and wishful thinking.

A world where you stop to smell the music, and listen to the flowers.

A world where all of the animals can speakโ€”but only in run-on sentences and fragments, and humans roar and bark and purr.

A world where itโ€™s acceptable to show up to work with rollers in your hair, and wearing pajamas and bunny slippers.

A world where the sky is dimly lit by Christmas trees, lamps flashlights, Menorahs, Jack-o-lanterns, and birthday cakes. And people keep starlight in their pockets to light their way home.

A world where people soar through the morning air on golden wings when wide awake, and are grounded only by their dreams at night.

It is a strange world, yes. But it is indescribably beautiful. And the joy of its very existence ignites a spark of inspiration.

But that wonderful world disappears the minute you put pencil to paper like candlelight extinguished by a howling wind.

And youโ€™re left glaring at a lonely sheet of paper that will never be filled.

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